Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pet Peeve: Sports pre-empting "our regularly scheduled programming"

If there is one thing that pisses me off, besides loud, pot-smoking, college-student neighbors and people who commute in SUVs (especially Hummers), it's when regular television programing is pre-empted for sports events. Now, this doesn't normally happen with most of the television that I watch regularly - shows like Lost are such cash-cows that they are scheduled around sporting events so as to not ruffle any feathers... But minor programing, often syndicated, all to often gets shoved aside for sports. And I don't care about professional sports (and no, that doesn't make me any less of a man). And I don't understand why anybody does. I just don't get team sports. I don't understand how anybody finds them interesting. I, myself, find them nearly incomprehensible when playing them - I guess I'm just missing that gene. Nevertheless... Sports events often pre-empt minor and/or syndicated programing in general, and Jeopardy in particular. Just now, I changed the channel, thinking I'd get to watch a half-hour of a semi-challenging quiz show, all the while thinking to myself, "Dude, I totally kick ass at this. I should totally go on Jeopardy!" But NO. There's some basketball game going on. I didn't even know the basketball season was still going. I assume this is the finals or something? But why is this on local television? Does anyone in the greater Sacramento area (the range of the chanel) really care? The Kings are out... Even the Lakers are out, so those locals crazy (and brave) enough to express allegiance to the Lakers shouldn't really have any reason to watch, nor should the Kings fans of the masochistic variety. Argh. At least Monday Night football has moved from ABC to ESPN. Though now, I suppose, Monday Night could pre-empt coverage of my beloved cycling and strongman competitions...


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