Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Election Day

I did my part: I'm still disgruntled, however, by the lackluster options for the Democratic gubenatorial slot. A gazillionaire developer's pet monkey, and a corporate gazillionaire who resorted to some decidedly ugly campaigning. Slim pickings... I'm also disappointed that, because I just barely live in the wrong district, I was unable to vote in the heated county supervisor's race, a battle between a developer's lackey (son of the developer linked to Angelides) and an incumbent (funded in large part by the United Auburn Indians), with the core issue being the development of a new private university (which would equal beacoup bucks for the developer in question, though he'll tell you - in his television ads - that he's just concerned about "educational opportunities"). Local politics are quite fun this time around...

And concerning the vote for the Democratic candidate for the CA-04 House slot, I didn't vote for the frothing lunatic and personal enemy, Hamersley (honestly, this tool put "Tax Scam Investigator" on the ballot as his occupation). Nor did I vote for Lisa Rea, who, in addition to a being shameless panderer to the already over-represented and empowered senior citizens, is a flaming idiot, as is indicated by her allowance of the following mailing:I challenge any of you out there to explain to me why anyone would think that mailing would be a good idea, especially considering that it only went to registerd Dems. It plays to the most archaic and sexist frames for viewing femeninity. It's right up there with "get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich." It plays directly against the frames that tend to be held by left-leaning voters. I can't imagine a young, female, Democrat voter who wouldn't be turned off by that mailing. Rea is just another clueless Dem I that I want to hit over the head with a copy of Don't Think of an Elephant!

Anyway, nothing to do now but wait & check for results...


At 10:15 PM, Blogger brenda said...

if you were fishing for Hamersley, you should've included his name in your post... ;)


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