Sunday, April 30, 2006

Travelblogue, Coachella 2006 09: Mid-day Report

Arrived here at the festival at 4:30-ish today, just in time to catch Matisyahu's set. Not that I'd been planning to see him, but I was drawn in, and I'm glad I was. My love of Jamaican music has grown greatly over the past three years, and he did not disappoint. I think reggae may be the perfect festival music - at least for the daytime.

Up next, I watched Bloc Party. Now, Silent Alarm was possibly my favorite album of 2005, so I had high expectations. And they were satisfied. I am so thoroughly impressed with them as a band. Sharp musicians who, as a one-time internet-associate it of mine put it, "love to play music." And they're downright classy fellows to, based on their suprisingly refined-yet-jovial stage banter. Very pleasant stuff. Here's a pic:
Now off to wait for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs...


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