Saturday, April 29, 2006

Travelblogue, Coachella 2006 05: Live Electronic Music Done Right

Behold the glory that is the Juan Maclean: Just finished watching the Juan Maclean set. Damned fine stuff, as is to be expected from a DFA artist. Though the Juan Maclean is really one man - John Maclean - he has three additional musicians performing with him for the live sets, doing the duties on the drums, synths, and theremin, while John does sampler and vocoder duty. Unfortunately there were technical difficulties leading to an excruciatingl long sound check and a truncated set, but they made up for it with a set-closing, mind-blowingly woofda, 10-minute-plus version of "My Shining-Skinned Friend." And let me say, they have quite a theremin player.

Now, to wait for the Daft Punk set and rest my feet.


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