Saturday, April 29, 2006

Travelblogue, Coachella 2006 02: HoJo, Palm Springs

Wi-fi in airports, wi-fi in hotels - I love it.

Well, I've finally, after many trials and tribulations, arrived at my hotel here in Palm Springs. Why am I staying in Palm Springs when Coachella takes place in Indio, you ask? Well, the two previous times that I've stayed in hotels (rather than camped), I stayed here because, well, that's what happened. And now it's habit. Besides, Palm Springs is just far enough away and with the twinge of expensiveness to keep away the sorts who go to Coachella only go back to their hotels and party loudly. I've had enough of that. I had enough of that long before even my college days began. I'll play hard at Coachella, but when I get back to the hotel after such exertion, I just want to shower and sleep...

So, my flight from Sacramento to Ontario was delayed approximately an hour. This meant we were touching down on the runway at 10:50 PM, when we were scheduled to already be at the gate an hour earlier, at 9:50 PM. Because of this, I completely missed my rental car reservation. Why Enterprise thinks it's a good idea to close at 11:00 PM, I do not know. I was able to get another car from another agency, but only at double the price. Which made me irate.

Nevertheless, I've calmed down, and I'm looking forward to the festival in the afternoon. More on that in the morning...


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