Friday, March 24, 2006

The Mosquito is Swatted

Yes, that headline has probably been used a thousand times already today, but I am not a Domanech - that headline occured to me without any outside prompting.

So, the
Mosquito," a high frequency siren-type device designed to be audible only to younger folk (thanks to hearing damage in those of us over the age of 22 or so) and used as a deterrent for loitering youths (dastardly!) has been challenged by a human rights group. How this will hold up, I don't know (especially in the UK, the origin of the "NEET" concept). And concerns so far are, in fact, about unexpected issues:
A concerned NCSP spokesman told the BBC: "If the noise upset a baby in a pram or caused a dog in a neighbouring house to bark incessantly then these are issues we would have to address."
Hrmm... I'm more concerned about it being deliberately and disgustingly ageist and abusive. Not to mention indicative of a deep societal distrust of youths. And regardless of whether or not the behavior of youths is indeed undesirable, I think a more appropriate action is to work towards the reincorporation of youths into modern society, rather than pushing for their further marginalization... But, of course, pro-active action is never in vogue.


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