Thursday, June 22, 2006

*Gasp* - Music Videos on Music Channels?

Holy shit. Pardon my French. Is VH1 always this good in the middle of the night? They’re actually playing music videos right now. Right now they’re playing a freakin’ Radiohead video, albeit one from The Bends [the most (contextually) overrated album of all time]. And last night they were playing the White Stripes’ “Blue Orchid” as well as the latest (and surprisingly rockin’) Pearl Jam. And just recently they were playing some Keane. Not that I like Keane - the jury's still out on them. I’m just glad to see a major music network giving some airtime to a band based on their music, not on aesthetics (how could anyone be attracted to Keane’s freakish-looking vocalist?) And now they’re playing the freakin’ Raconteurs? And now the Gorillaz' "Dare?" I'm not dancing around the hotel room, but another bottle of 99 cent sake and I might... And I thought the music video was a dead medium. It’s certainly not as if they were showing videos from the recent Audion and Orb singles (do such videos even exist? – highly unlikely), but still, I can’t really complain about this. Heck, I might have to alter my sleep schedule over the next few months.


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