Monday, April 24, 2006

To the dis-belief of my teenage self

My good friend from back in the day, one who was there for "Ebeneezer Goode" and Dig Your Own Hole at the bowling alley, has, in his current endeavor as a music journalist, interviewed Liam Howlett of the Prodigy, and you can read the results here. This is a bit of an odd moment - somewhat seminal, actually...

In the late days of high school and the early years of college, we spent a lot of time geeking out over music in general, and electronic music in particular. Pouring over music magazines and listening to non-stop electronic music, we both had notions of futures connected to music and the music scene. We both delved into clicktronica production, and I toyed with DJing some. But in the end, while I went on to other things, my friend has devoted himself to writing - on multiple fronts - and has managed to work his way into a position where, occasionally, he gets to do things like interview famous musicians. For him to have interviewed one of the artists responsible for our respective journeys into the realm of electronic music is, well, damned cool, to say the least. It feels like we've arrived, or something...


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