Sunday, June 01, 2008

Summer To-Do List

I'm roughly 45 hours away from the start of my summer vacation. The last day of school/graduation is tomorrow, and then there's one more day for the staff to close up show for the summer, expected to wrap up around 4:00 PM on Tuesday, June 3rd. All the grading is done from finals week, scantrons are bubbled - all the hard work is done, I'm already mentally on vacation. Now to make the most of my impending freedom, I think it wise to make a "to do list." What follows it that list.

  1. Investigate housing options in Davis/possibly (probably) move to Davis.
  2. Buy a bike. Use it.
  3. Devise & start a new training mesocycle. Goals: strength maintenance, bodyfat reduction (same goals as the mesocycle I've been running since late March, but I need to switch it up) + bringing up my back (an unassisted pullup? w00t!)
  4. Read some books. I need to assemble some candidates. I've no idea what to read right now. Work this year has taken the wind out of my reading sails...
  5. Summit a minor Cascade peak. South Sister? McLoughlin? (Shasta's nixed for this year due to poor conditions & under-training)
  6. Head up to Yreka for the fair weekend (the last weekend of my summer) & go tubing on the Klamath, go to the fair, & go blackberry picking.
  7. Brew again - it's been, sheesh, over a year? Weather will mandate a saison of some sort. Have my dad brew with me? (He expressed interest)
  8. Do some more farmers' market shopping. I'm especially interested in finding local meat.
  9. Buy some of Old Soul's bacon.
  10. Go on the ocean fishing trip some of the Yrekans have organized?
  11. Run the Mt. Shasta 4th of July race ('twood be my first race).
  12. Eat at Cafe Maddalenna, Billy Goat's Tavern, and Taylor's Refresher (should be able to take care of the last one when I'm at the Napa conference).
  13. Get "out" on a weekly basis lest I go crazy.
  14. This one always makes "the list," but rarely happens: paint!
  15. Update this list as the summer goes on?

All I can muster for now...